Frio is defined as a being in World of Warcraft that has absolute power and control of all others. Although technically doesn't befriend anyone he controls them and manipulates them to do his bidding.

A True Frio rolls warlock. Alliance Side.

A Frio has the power of a Pupitmiser

Also means Cold.
Frio crits you for 1,337,000 damange.
You die.

"Your heart is like a Frio!"
"Here is all my gold.. master"
by Frio December 13, 2007
One who is playing an online game and is unable to get a kill
"Wow dude! You're totally pulling a frio right now!
by walmart brand frio May 17, 2016
What you call the 305 area when it is cold.
Bustin out the scarves in the Frio Five
by La Noey January 4, 2012
when u r lonely and ugly so u have to use a washing machine to screw yourself and to get an orgasm.
last night i was all alone with no date so i pulled a frio-hamel.
Code for when immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) is heavy in a certain area. Hace Frio translates to “its cold,” the cold referencing ICE.
Texas may be hot, but hace frio in that state.
a guy who fucking sucks at osu ongod what the fuck is he doing he cant even hold 10k combo smh
man 1 : have you heard of Frio he cant even stream 300bpm
by 小春 March 19, 2023