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1) A phallus.

2) A man's cock.

3) The reproductive organ, shaped to penetrate a female's vagina.

4) A boy's member.

5) A long, sometimes hard, penis.

6) Anything of or pertaining to the male reproductive shaft.

7) A member of a group of penises.
Hey, put your frimpy away!

Sandusky: Wanna see my frimpy?
Boy: K.
Sandusky: It's not sexual, you have one too!

Your frimpy is so big!

Where can I get some frimpy around here?

Doctor: So what's the problem?
Patient: I can't seem to get my frimpy up.
Doctor: Here, take these pills, they'll give your frimpy an erection.
Patient's wife: Thank you doctor, that's the frimpy I married.

Products: Frimpy Enlargement Cream.
by TreehopperBabe December 06, 2011
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-When something(an object) is not cooperating and it's just hanging there as if it had a mind of its own.

-When a person feels weak or tired, making it difficult to stay on both feet.
- This stupid strand of hair won't iron!
*frustrated girl tells hair* Why are you being so Frimpy?!?!
-*Couple wake-up at 5 A.M.*
girl: honey get up. boy:*stands up* Ugh...I feel so Frimpy *falls*
by wassarra September 14, 2009
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