Friendsmas is that special time of year when close friends get together to consume large quantities of delicious food stuff and exchange gifts. Friends celebrating Friendsmas may not be able to contain their excitement, randomly shouting various holiday jargon. The wearing of ugly Christmas sweaters is sometimes required.
1. "Best friend, when's Friendsmas?!"
2. "Let's have twelve desserts on Friendsmas even though it's only going to be the two of us!"
3. "So...who's buying the groceries?"
5. "
by Mas-Man December 13, 2010
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A stupid thing where friends get together to celebrate and overrated holiday and drink. Basically An excuse to get drunk while looking stupid in an ugly Christmas sweater.
Let's do friendsmas this weekend so we can drink alcohol and get blacked.
by Mr.savagecat December 09, 2021
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