Chicago phrase for the greatest ballpark in the world, Wrigley Field. Unfortunately not, by any stretch of the imagination, home to the greatest baseball team in the world. Coined by first baseman and coach Ernie Banks.
Win or lose, it's always a good afternoon at the Friendly Confines.
by Ben Frey June 4, 2006
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nickname for historic Wrigley Field in Chicago. Home of the Chicago Cubs. The oldest (1914) National League Ball Park, with ivy covered outfield walls. Also known for the best fans in the United States.
by Cubs Fan From Chicago May 13, 2005
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the vagina. It's also the nickname for Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.
If I sweet talk her real nice, I think she'll let Mr. Peter play in the friendly confines.
by Poetjester February 16, 2016
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