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Southern U.S.(Frid-der)noun-

an offensive term for someone who has only had one or very few sexual partners in his life and lacks verity in his sexual expereinces. Unlike the word virgin, this term can be applied to somone who has had sex, but was either too stuck up or too much of a prude to play the field and live life to its fullest. This is the perfect term to use when trying to describe some overly commited loser who wasted his entire youth of both high school and especially college on some dumb broad who will just end up dumping him anyway. Someone who is a fridder to a sad, pathetic, extent(such as marring as one) is also reffered to as a MauditMaw-dit (i.e. a Supper Fridder).
Tom: Hey Dave, did you did you know Austin went through high school, his entire college career plus grad school without scoring a single hook-up or one night stand!!??

Dave: OMFG Man!!! What a Fridder!!! That's Fucking Pathetic!!! He Completely Wasted his Youth! Watch him marry that broad that almost left him three times for some jerk that treated her like shit but came running back to him after she became sick of the jerk's abuse.

Tom: He's marrying her next Month Man!!

Dave: Oh Shit Dude! I like our bro Austin but sometimes he just acts like some stupid Maudit who willingly becomes a tool for women.
by ConfederateJoe October 28, 2011
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