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A restaurant that is of higher end food not just your regular fast food places

(Kfc/Wendy's/Arby's/Taco Bell ) or diners also known as sit-order and-eat restaurants such as (Red Lobsters/iHop/Apple-bee's/Friendly's/Moe's Southwest Grill) A "Fresh-aurant" is a restaurant that you may not be able to afford to eat at every Friday night when you want to go out and spend time with family or friends while eating a good meal but is a place you can rely on to always be on top of what they're serving to you or your family. A Fresh-aurant is a place where the food is top end and a bit pricier than your average restaurants and may also be healthier than a quick McDonalds or BurgerKing drive thru. The meals at Fresh-aurant (s) may have the same calories as an option on a low end food restaurants menu but are better for your body overall. A "Fresh-urant" is a place you are willing to spend more money on for a better meal, a place you won't be disappointed of.
Mom: Where would you guys want to go to eat tonight?
Dad: Lets the kids choose tonight!
Mom:Okay kids,where would you guys want to go to eat tonight?
Child one: Panera Bread
Child two: No! Lets go to a Fresh-urant!
Mom: What's that honey?
Child two: A higher end restaurant that produces better food for more money
Dad: *Check Wallets*

Mom: *Glances over to husband*
(Both) Mom and Dad: We're going to a Fresh-urant tonight!!!
Kid one: ugh.
Kid two: Yes, its about time you listened to me!!!!
by @redsoxz4lifeOnTwitter August 13, 2014
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