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An expensive performing arts summer camp full of skinny rich white sluts. FWF is the only place where you see 8 year olds twerking and grinding in nothing but a sports bra and booty shorts (they also have no booty). Certain places smell like cum and everyone knows who's hooked up with who. Fucked up camp.
It's no surprise Zoey became a stripper, she went to French Woods.
They all lost their virginities at French Woods.
by El Kavo October 10, 2014
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On a majestic hillside, high in the Catskill Mountain Region of New York less than three hours from New York City is French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts. A family run camp since 1970, French Woods has been the innovative leader of individualized programming for children. Four 3-week sessions are offered for campers aged 7-17 from early June through late August. Approximately 600 campers attend each session with a staff of over 300.
More than 85 activities are offered daily in music, art, theater, dance, circus, sports, magic, waterfront, extreme sports and horseback riding. An emphasis is placed on performing arts and traditional camp activities.
French Woods has a totally individualized program which encourages campers to design a schedule that gives them the opportunity to further develop their skills and explore new avenues of interest. The youngest campers have a special program that offers them choice and exposure to all of the French Woods programs, with some extra attention and instruction from their counselors.
Campers fullfil their potential whilst at camp French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts.
by A Head Counselor November 11, 2011
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