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Modified military assault vehicle that has only one forward gear, but four reverse gears.
Used extensively in both World Wars.
English General: My word! Look at how quickly the French Army is retreating - how do they manage that?
English Sergeant: It's the French Tank sir - it has finally been perfected after nearly 100 years of development.
English General: Well I never - what will those onion-eating cunts think of next?
by English Bob June 18, 2007
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In MMO games tanks are the characters that are supposed to take most of the damage, unless... they are french. In that case the word has two definitions either:
A tanking character that is acting like, a little sissy and entering combat last.
A caster or other low-hp character that is acting like a tank for no good reason and overall fucking up everybody's game.
French tanks can be seen mostly in MMOs like: WoW, LoL, HoN,DotA and the such.
"Why is Rammus backing out?!?!"
"F*ck.... we got a french tank"
"Ok, once they are in range Alistar is gonna stun'em and then... Wait, wait Ryze wtf u doing man?!?!"
"He frenched tanked them...."
by Antagonista April 13, 2010
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The new line in France's army that has one gear in foward and four in reverse.
The only thing worse than Iraq tanks are the pussy French tanks.
by stoggit May 13, 2003
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