A nice way of stating that someone is a sex-addict
I wouldn't say that Louis is a full-blow sex-addict, he just enjoys exploring his French personality after a few bottles of red wine.
by frenchTranslator October 15, 2020
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March 29th is the international "Punch a French Person"-Day.
"I saw this French Person walking down the Street, so I punched him in the Face cause it was Punch a French Person Day."
by large spaghett March 29, 2021
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you: je parle français
someone: damn you pussy destroyer, if you're French speaking person
by stewardo December 19, 2020
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An absolute MORON; douche bag

Originally from FRANCE (derogatory)
He’s so stupid” “don’t mind him he’s a French Person”
by Ppdeceiver May 16, 2023
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