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A human being in a common-law jurisdiction who has lawfully revoked consent to be represented and thus governed.
A Freeman-on-the-Land cannot be charged under a statute without the written authorization of the Attorney General.
by A Box of Signs October 14, 2009
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Being a freeman on the land is something that most of you have probably never heard of, but you should have. A freeman on the land is someone in a common law jurisdiction who lawfully refuses giving consent to be governed, therefore no statutory obligations or restrictions apply to that man or woman. No statute or act of government applies to a freeman on the land. By not consenting to be governed a freeman on the land is no longer eligible for the benefits of being a governed member of society, things like employment insurance, vehicle insurance and registration, welfare, government health insurance, and any other government system do not apply to a freeman on the land, but the benefits are easy to see.

I think most of us agree that there is massive amounts of corruption within governments and within our own government. Becoming aware of just how far the deception goes is an important part of taking back your personal freedoms and claiming your rights as a human being. You will notice that lawyers and judges are all members of what is called the Law Society. The law society is extremely deceptive to the common man because they use words that the common man uses in every day language but they mean something different. They use this tactic to trick the common man into giving his/her consent to be governed.
Freeman On The Land Sovereign
by Sovereignman May 05, 2011
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An individual living being that recognizes legal as a fictional instruction or process that requires consent / contract agreement / or proofs of agreement in order that it be applied to the living being / individual.
Question from business or court> "Who are you?"

Free-man-on-the-land answer> "I am the son of and a living free man on the land"


"I am a mother / sister / daughter of and a living being and freeman on the land"

A PERSON'S answer> "I am *stating their given name as being who they are* (fill in the blank)

A PERSON is intestate and fictional property / idea / thing.

A Freeman on the land does not agree to be fictional property, but holds it as his own property that none have power / jurisdiction over it without consent, which is seldom, if ever granted since it usually involves damage to self / conviction of mental illness / without power to govern self and requires knowledge that will not be sought.
by $aint Jorge May 04, 2011
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