A Republicanized name for French Toast (which was named after Joseph French, the American chef who invented it, and has nothing to do with France).
I don't care about your politics, you're an idiot for calling it "Freedom Toast"!
by unidyne November 26, 2003
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A single piece/peace of toast for abundance.

Clearing the mess and toasting after victory

A morning non-white bread with nothing on it or absolutely everything on it.

A mandatory and essential part of Breakfast of Champions who have fought in the struggle.
Toast to Abundance and everything that comes with it. For good and for bad for ecstatic and for sad.

Did you see Obama's Freedom Toast after killing Osama?

No Freedom Toast for Berlusconi

They shot off guns in Libya for their freedom toast. That's Libya for ya.

This Freedom Toast is Sacrilicious!!
by c-hat-e February 26, 2012
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