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Generic term used to describe a lame, condescending, arrogant attending physician (or any other superior who is ostensibly responsible for teaching hardworking residents medical knowledge). These people are found in other fields like law, business, etc... but seem to be most concentrated in the field of medicine. It is a play on the cooler, real Freddy Ballgame (aka Fred Rogins) sports show.

Many are unsure of the association of how such pricks who act like this in became nicknamed Freddie Ballgame, but the name stuck.

Such a person relishes on pointing out the mistakes of others, while him/herself making equally egregious errors (but which dont get blabbered about as much ).

Such people live to sell you out and gloat on your mistakes. They can be tolerable to deal with at times, but they are hyper-vigilant to ridicule you, not realizing they themselves are human and make as many if not more mistakes.

As some may note, how are ballgame and medicine related? No one knows. Some have "ballgame" it adds a certain ring. Others say it could be a veiled reference to the sexual insecurity/general insecurity of these people. Again, speculation as to the exact meaning of ballgame is variable and best left to the imagination.
I missed a small worthless finding on this super CT scan. I got "Freddie ballgamed" however when it was announced all over the department like by that gossiping drag queen.

I made a minor mistake in surgery and the next thing I know, I get Freddie Ballgamed at the weekly M&M surgery conference.

I am going to so Freddie BallGgame you when I tell everyone you hooked up with that ugly chick at the party.

Hey Alfred, please dont go blab and Freddie Ballgame me over catching me watching Brokeback mountain for the 100th time. I swear I am not gay.
by Hard Working Resident December 28, 2009
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