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An act in which a medium to large group of guys belonging to the same frat physically batter an individual who previously crossed a member of that frat
After being denied entry to the Gamma Sigs' Toga Bash, Jim thought he would save face by peeing in their lawn. Instead he received some frat justice and was only further humiliated.
by 69fratguy69 November 03, 2006
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1. The extermination of the soulless humanoid creatures, who rape and pillage small college towns and cities disguised as "Greeks."

2. The systematic execution of the aforementioned pests, despite the fact that it's "not cool, brah."

3. The burning and/or sealing off and gassing of a frat house, with the latter reminiscent of a fumigation.

4. The drastic reduction in ego-driven senseless assault and date rape, which results from any of the preceding.
Pete, I'm sorry that those frat boys unjustly chased you down and beat you with baseball bats, simply because you took a piss in their yard. That was certainly unwarranted, but I assure you: Frat Justice will be served. Their house is being "fumigated" as we speak.
by D/N December 12, 2007
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