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(Noun)Legendary pimp and world-famous hard-core, interracial, under-age, head-splitting pornstar. He is also known as "Freaky Frank", or "F-squared". He is widely (and contronversially) known for introducing the donkey-punch when acting in a film entitled "York Gets Porked III). He currently holds the world record for heaviest dick, weighing at thirty-six pounds. He currently resides in New York, but owns houses in each continent. He is married, but has many mistresses. Including his bitch-ass grandson, York.
To donkey slap someone so hard, that they are to bleed out of every hole on their body.
-Man, I wish I was Frank Mills.
-I know, that guy is bigger than O.G. Mudbone.
-I kinda feel bad after Frank Millsing that bitch.
-Nah man, she had it coming.
by Darakattack July 19, 2008
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