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Fquay pronounced(k-w-AY)
for more french like (f-aw-k-way)

The word fquay came from the words queer , gay, and fag. Fguay came from these homosexual words, but the meaning of fquay has nothing to do with them. The word is latin cause its sounds cool to be a latin word. The meaning of fquay is : a douche of a character ,fugly ,one whom fails at many things ,a homosexual non homosexual ,a troll ,it ,thing ,back sucher ,fuck ,can opener ,possiblehobo ,drunken canadian ,one who shits out their mouth ,a super anal "fooker" also known as fucker, and "agoo/dugoo/bwee/or bweegee" ,a(n) ape like thing, your mother ,and thus on.
(person1):" dude fquay said that i cant spend the night cause youre grounded."

(person2):" sorry man she can be a real fquay sometimes."
by Anthony Wolf Smith February 22, 2011
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