A cross between two similar phonetic spellings of expressions: Whee, a high pitched glee; and Bwahaha, an evil and maniacal laugh. This combination results as a mischievious shout of joy. May be lengthened and/or have "hehe" added to the end of it for emphasis.
"What are you up to this time?"

"Bweehehehehe! I'm ready to own some noobs!"
by Secret Service Panda Bwee April 28, 2007
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1. The universal noise of a Chocobo
2. A general expression of happiness
3. See woot
"Bwee!", the man said happily.
by bwee January 1, 2004
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A manipulation of the word "boy". Transcending from boy > boyee > bwee

Used by someone who is excited or gloating. Sometimes used by someone who thinks he/she is "ballin"
"yeeee bwee I'm gettin shitfaced this weekend!"

"Common bwee I got with both those sluts last night..so ballinnn"
by chea bwee July 11, 2008
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The action of when most likley a wimp will be crying or moping making the bwee bwee like noises
A Emo kid crying over some slut thats to good for him. Bwee Bwee poor emo douche bag
by Sven Broadshaft April 7, 2006
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A fart. Passing of wind through the bottom.
"It stinks in here! Did you bwee?"
by papatwatwa May 24, 2023
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A word used by cringy welsh spazes who need to grow and stop beating women
James bweeeeeeeee
by Mike parkers a nonce January 24, 2019
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