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Foxbody- 1979-1993 mustangs built by Ford on the Fox platform. This car was designed to be bigger overall than its Mustang ll predecessor and allow more room for the available 5.0 liter V8 engine.
Major revisions were made to the fox mustang platform, the body and the interior to make this Mustang sleeker looking and more potent.

the fox body car has become the drag racers choice with a wealth of inexpensive go fast performance parts.
Did you see that foxbody killing it at the strip last night!?
by Rusty shackleford123 August 02, 2015
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The 70's, 80's and 90's generation of mustangs that resemble a 2-door hatchback, mutch like the Honda Civics of that era. The mustang had a 5.0 liter to begin with, giving it the nickname 5-point slow.

Unfortunately in the late 80's, the damn CAFE standards came along. This reduced to a V8 was reduced to 255-ci, losing 15 horses, giving the car only 119 horsepower.
Hey guys, check out this new fox body mustang I got. It's from the 70's, so no crappy 4 liter for me!
by Mustang Luv R November 01, 2006
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