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This is a new psycho social pandemic mostly among people on the left, and some democrats. I am coining a new phrase

“Foxaphobia” Fox uh fo bee uh
Foxaphobia: A persistent irrational fear of, anger, disgust, and intellectual superiority over the person who admits to watching Fox News.

Diagnosis: When a person is asked if they watch Fox News they respond with pat almost programmed answers like, ,no they are liars, assholes, right wing, especially those Oreilly, Beck, and Hannity guys
Risk factors: Growing up in a highly sheltered, myopic, generally far left liberal ,or “progressive “background. Forgetting that being progressive actually means being open to new ideas and listening to both sides of an issue.

Also accompanied with the following syndromes:

Bush derangement syndrome: The irrational delusional focus on the Bush administration even though it is now the Obama administration.

Sara Palin obsession disorder: the constant attempt to demean, diminish, make fun of anything Palin and family. The irrational fear of Alaskans .Not specifically but often are feminists who resent the fact that she was able to have it all ,kids, marriage, and a great job!

Treatments: Aggressive deprogramming which includes actually watching a show or two.
People who incessantly criticize, demean, belittle, condescend Fox News have "Foxaphobia".
by Larry Levine October 20, 2009
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