When you make a statement referring to yourself in the first and third person at the same time. Perfect for Jekyl/Hyde types, wolfmen and superheroes.
Merl: "I don't think Merl appreciates it when you talk to him

in the Fourth Person."
by Mathusum March 29, 2010
Fourth person can only be truly grasped as an omnipresence.

The fourth person would not be separate from the the first speaker, it is a presence that is a part of all things, all places, and all times.

I could only imagine this is what religious folks assume God speaks, acts, or thinks like.
a person says to you, "I remember when I crossed the street this morning"
"fourth person" responses, "we remember when we crossed the street" or "we will cross the street" or "we are crossing the street".
by FourthPersonGuy January 22, 2011
A point of view where one writes without a subject, assuming that the audience will know who or what is being spoke of.

Also known as "Twitter Person" point of view. This is because the username shows up before anything you write leaving you with "Username Really wants some pizza." rather than just "Really wants some pizza."
ie. "Really wants some apples right now, but doesn't know where to get any." is written in the Fourth Person.
by Seikilos January 16, 2010
When you refer to yourself in the third person.
John: "John is not happy. John is going to kill you. John is reaching for his gun. John just committed murder. John must really stop referring to himself in the fourth person."
by kPod March 28, 2008