Referring to anything, another word for thing
I lost my four lows.

thing mug Johnson jawn
by SevenNineRock January 18, 2018
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Shitty "nasty' G
Jev "Pops" Gooch
Stuck "Llama" Final
Noo "1/4" Indrustries
Shitty "nasty' G: sittin here geerkin it
Jev "Pops" Gooch: Alright
Stuck "Llama" Final: she has nice fawkin hair
Noo "1/4" Production: Shit i dont even know any more
The Low Four: We actually smell bad as fawk.
by Qortor October 27, 2013
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Another term for fist bump. Low four as opposed to high five. When you bump or push your fists together, it's only four knuckles you are touching as opposed to five fingers during a high five.

Origin: Victoria, B.C., Canada.
by riz_from_vic August 10, 2009
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When your testicles slap against your friend’s testicles during a face to face celebration or during doggystyle.
He was horrified when he realized the woman he went home with was capable of a low four.

They gave each other a low four after another record shift at work.
by SwitcherMan December 17, 2018
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A group of people (More than four.) that are difficult to deal with or defeat.
Nah man on four low you not going to win. We never lose
by Crakhead7 September 25, 2020
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