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A male, usually with a wife, kids, and a job; who posts on video game related forums, reddit, and image boards. Forumdads usually complain about how hard things are in the game they're currently playing, because they only have 2 hours a week to play it.
Bro, have you seen all of the Forumdads complaining about not being able to afford a Vulture in Elite: Dangerous?
by jozukoi July 20, 2015
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Forumdads are a collection of males, usually females, who hang out at compromised nav beacons and play whack the canoe with a camo badger.
Chris Yong: Tarquin, have you seen all the forumdads at the compromised nav beacon playing whack the canoe with a stoat? Tarquin: That's a badger, Chris.
by Rinzler 070707 May 16, 2018
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