Many were PUBG players once, taken by the dark powers, tortured and mutilated, a ruined and terrible form of life, perfected into competitive arrogant manchildren.
Jesus, those Fortnite players suck at Kozachok.
by WienerVonSchnitzelSchwein September 18, 2018
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Someone who tends to play Fortnite, all the time. These people tend to also criticize any game that is any way, shape or form like the game, Fortnite. (EX: PUBG, Rules of Survival.)
Boy: Hey, do you want to play Fortnite?
Girl: You are such a Fortnite Player.

Boy: This game is the same as Fortnite!
Girl: This game came first..
by ADSBDHIWQER9EEQ March 14, 2018
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This species is very common these creatures have no mate to mate at all and when it go’s to school it is very dangerous if you tell it to get off fortnite it will use its self defense technique on you by yelling “SHUT UP I HATE YOU” it yells “I HATE THIS GAME”when it’s been playing for 26 days and 3 hours and continues to play until it dies this creatures life span depends on how long it plays fortnite and/or how old the creature is if it is 1-20 it’s life span is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001 Geo-Seconds if it’s 21-80 it’s life span is nothing it just dies immediately
“Get off of fornite” mom said “SHUT UP I HATE YOU” The fortnite player said
by PewdipieFan483548263 February 07, 2019
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Epic gamer. Very cool and is good at fortnite. Very Epic.
John: Yo I heard Josh is a Fortnite Player
Bobby: yeah dude he's so epic
by Epic style October 15, 2018
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