A fortnite God is someone who never got off the game and is filled with sweat. He's balls and ass is dripping full of shit and sweat Stay away from these people because they have never experienced sex or has ever talk to a girl in their entire lives
Danmy: Nestor never stops playing fortnite

Rocky: i know Virgin ass nigga
Nestor: i don't care what you guys think I'm a fortnite god.
by Anonymous dragon May 1, 2020
The biggest virgin of all the virgins that play fortnite. Every fortnite player is a virgin
by Your mums a hoe 69 October 3, 2019
The being that provides legendary assault rifles, launch pads, and legendary snipers
by Mmm.yes.pls March 9, 2018
Ethan Heis is a fortnite goddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he'll wreck your moms pussy.
by Fortnite cheezit February 1, 2018
A bunch of fucking kids with no life who think there good at fortnite but get pooped on by squeakers
I’m in the fortnite god squad” “pls kill yourself
by Boss_nutt_007 February 13, 2018
"Holy shit i'm a Fortnite God!!!!111!!1!!!!1!!!!!11'
by OkYesVeryNice May 18, 2018