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Since 1992, Fort Dorchester has redefined the lives of the people of the tri-county area of South Carolina. If you go to Fort, you've already got the swagger of a champion for no public school matches up to Fort D's bad-assity. And if you don't, you know you'd do anything to be zoned for it. Fort ain't for wusses, fakes, or students who can't show real campus devotion. There's some pushing and shoving in the halls and rowdy classes, but it only gets bad if you involve yourself in it. The overall cool people, hardcore athletics, and the good old red silver and blue school colors puts a whole new standard to the surrounding public schools such as Stratford, Summerville (main rival school), and Wando. Friday night football games at the Legendary Fort is where it all goes down, fans all alike show their school spirit with chants and cheers to see their Patriots (school mascot) steal another win. If you go to FDHS, you're not afraid to show it.
Person 1: "Hey man, you go to S'ville?"

Person 2: "Hell no brotha Fort Dorchester High School"

Person 1: "Damn...Fort's the shit man."
by bittersweetmeat June 04, 2010
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