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A residence or establishment designed for and dedicated to the art of copulation.
Must have's include mirrored ceilings, a bed similar in size to the landing deck of the Ark Royal and a professional Jizz mopper on 24hr stand-by
with a queue at his door, the young dandy was the talk of the town, a line of trim young things stretching around the corner, all wanting to sample the delights to be had in his newly built fornicatorium
by nicklouse10 March 26, 2009
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an amalgam of fornicate and lubritorium (an American expression for a service station for motor cars, where they are lubricated)
Invented by me around 1957, whilst having my car serviced, opposite a brothel. (Sad soul :-))
He staggered out of the fornicatorium, tired but well taken care of.
by Oldphart June 15, 2006
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