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1.Flowers: Pretty and seems to be mosty blue but can be white or pink.Can be annual or perennial plants.

2.In kingdom of hearts Sally gives them to you for Jack.

3.It's also a song by Patrice Rushen.

(I did Forget-me-nots cause when I look them up I got the most random things...and I don't know why I look them up I just did...)
1.Give me some Foget-me-nots for valentine day.Bitch.

2. I don't remember the quote so just play the game.

3."Sending you forget-me-nots, to help you to remember"
by Rozi V. February 25, 2007
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drugs that make you black out like xanax klonopin and valiums
dude he took a whole hand full of forget me nots then pounded liquor... hes not gonna remember a damn thing
by prodigyice February 15, 2010
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like Dirty Sanchez, instead of sticking you finger in her rectum an wiping it under her nose, you stick your finger in ones own rectum and wipe it under her nose...
by Indiana Icepick December 13, 2010
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