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When you're eating a girls ass and she farts in your mouth (see Baltimore Blowfish) and with your mouth full of that beautiful fart, you blow it into her pussy then she queefs it back into your face as you eat her pussy.
Man, I had the greatest night ever! My lady and I did the foreign exchange!
by Hells hebrew November 03, 2018
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When a woman dumps a man for a wealthy foreign guy purely for money.
Mary: see you've completed your foreign exchange

Nicola: yeah it was the best value move I've made

Both women cackle
by Jonah34 March 29, 2013
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After finishing anal penetration, the hole is gaping open. Thus the male puts the female on her head upside down with her legs spread open and the male takes a #2 into her open hole thus completing the foreign exchange.
Hey baby, want to end it with a foreign exchange?
by the asian one May 27, 2009
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