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n. the energy consisted within an entity which contains incredible abilitites. Each type is dependent on its user. A massive amount that is summoned could cause severe damage to the user.
Phammo summons his forcel from the Mewclaw.
by ZeroblastR May 14, 2004
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A forcel is a man (or, less often, a woman) who through reasons beyond his control cannot access an erotic relationship: "he was a forcel.". Forcel is also used to refer to the condition itself: "he was forcel".

Note: unlike incels, forcels never form gender-hate groups online or in the real world. Forcels simply seek what every healthy man deserves: a reliable, satisfying erotic relationship.
His wife had loss all interest in sexual relations. She did allow him to seek a girlfriend, a long as he did not spend any money on her. A woman without spending money? This put him sexually "between a rock an a hard place;" he was forcel.
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by John Edgar Boston December 17, 2018
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