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When someone is tied in an immobile position and their vagina or ass is open, a sex machine will penetrate said orifice, with the victim's consent or not. It is "forced" because the victim cannot move away or resist the sex machine and dildo from smashing in them, and this (hopefully for the victim) will pleasure the orifice.
Once, John's guy friends kidnapped him, ans they tortured him with a sex machine, and it gave him forced pleasure. John is gay now.
by DinoCoat March 30, 2017
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when one is strapped in a position where said sex machine (or genitals) penetrate the ofirice where they cannot get out.
Jack went over to his friend’s house to hang out, but not five seconds when he stepped in, he saw darkness. He felt his clothes being stripped off. He felt a rope tangle around his limbs separately, and his dick. He felt a sack come off his head. The room was dimly lit and he looked behind him. A dildo entered his ass and it went six inches in his tight ass. It hurt so much, and the dildo slid in faster. He felt a vacuum connect to his dick and he felt a hard suck. This went on for an hour. He is now gay.

Forced Pleasure
by Well, shit. March 02, 2018
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