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When a person either forces water or a liquid into another person's ass or the a person forces water into their ass. An Enema properly it is used to clean out one's ass but it is done with equipment. Other things have been know to be used for such as alcohol which is rumored to rapidly be absorbed by the body and intoxicate the person. CAN BE DANGEROUS IF TO MUCH LIQUID IS FORCED INTO THE BODY. Resulting in death.

notes: recommend 20-40 oz of water or less if done as noted below. anymore more can result in stomach cramps sickness and possible ripping/ damage...
"Forced Enema" Taking a water bottle inserting in your own/other person's ass and crunching the bottle till the water has successfully been forced into the ass.

Can be used as a way to clean out the ass before anal sex. Use warm clean water and afterward give at least a good 20 minutes for the water pushed back out. clean it and make sure to give it a rest before you proceed.

I have never used it for these means but know people who have, be carefull
by D'M.E.G.FSM9R. December 01, 2010
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