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I used to think that there were forbidden definitions too, but it's actually just a glitch in the website. They're actually on there, but for some reason hidden. You can unlock them by Exact Googling in your definition, then reading it Cached, but they still won't permanenty stay.
I had about 50 anti-Psycho Bitch definitions, but they were all "Forbidden Definitions".
by G-Union July 08, 2004
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I guess it's when urban dictionary thinks' you are being too extreme when describing something. I know this is true because my retarded neighbor's definition, "Annie" never gets posted even after I've submitted it like 5 times already.
For the love of God post that crack baby's defintion already!!! The public has a right to know!
by kill_the_neighbors_kid October 31, 2004
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linkin park, adolf hitler as well as many male first names.
I managed to get definitions up for disney, linkin park and adolf hitler. They never appeared, but one day they suddenly all came up, as well as 100 or so other definitions. Odd.
by Kung-fu Jesus June 24, 2004
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The worst idea this site has ever came up with. Some forbidden definitions are:
Salman Rushdie
Good Charlotte
anything with a website copied from the address bar

Although some forbidden definitions are arguable. And my second best definition is Salman Rushdie and it never came on. It's just lucky I don't delete my urbandictionary emails until they come on.
by dref said right July 03, 2004
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