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To be fucked by google, specifically by following an outdated business listing on google maps to find an empty lot.
There's no liquor store here just a for sale sign, we got foogled again.
by B. Syntax March 20, 2010
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To be fooled by Google; believing everything one finds in Google.
Synonym: lamer, simpleton.
Antonym: wise, savvy, erudite
"On April 1 2007, Google offered a new service called 'Gmail Paper' which they said would print our Gmails for us but I forgot it was April Fools day and I was Foogled by the prank."
by mmmna September 17, 2007
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When you search Google online for something and after ten minutes reading realise you are only reading it because some SEO guru had put in words that made Google give you her've been Foogled.
by Ackyone March 12, 2012
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