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1. The path to salvation. 2. The purest form of convenience and satisfaction imaginable. 3. A website that compiles the websites of restaurants, drugstores, and other businesses, thereby simplifying the process of submitting orders for delivery and take-out. 4. Going from "no food" to "food" in about 30 minutes. 5. Better than make-up sex. 6. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. breakfast, lunch, and dinner; etc.
"Alyssa, clean your room!"

"Not now, mom-dragon! I'm eating my FOODLER!!!"
by Comstock Ford January 16, 2009
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An incredibly loose vagina who could not receive the satisfaction her boyfriend had to offer, who then takes a poopie and fondles herself at the same time to acheive ultimate orgasmic state after the uneventful sex.
John: "Man, Ricky snagged an interesting one this time."
Bob: "Yea, i hear shes a real foodler."
by Jengo November 06, 2007
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