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1. (adj) A combination of fluffy, and floppy.

2. (noun) A noise evil fish make.

3. (verb) A mistake. To flup.

4. A replacement for the f-bomb.
1. That dog has such fluppy ears!

2. "Flup," said the fish as he sliced off the girl's head.

3. Ugh, I can't believe I made such a flup!

by simplypirate September 13, 2010
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The black, mushy goo left in the bottom of your glass after dipping oreos (regular or double stuffed) into milk.
Austin: I just ate a whole box or oreos!
David: Did you dip 'em in milk?
Austin: Well duhh.
David: Dang that must have made a lot flup!!
Austin: Chyeah it did.
by anotherrandomguyfromohio February 22, 2011
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The act of lifting up person's breast and letting gravity take it's course and make their breasts bounce and wave around.
Guy1: I dare you to go flup that chicks breasts.
Guy2: What? What is a flup?
Guy1: Basically lift her tits and then make them bounce.
Guy2: Erm, Alright, I'll do it for $25.00.
Guy1: Deal, just get on with it.
by AelaraTheGoo June 20, 2017
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A verb, originating from seafaring days, originally meaning frantic movement exhibited by a fish out of water.

The word found life anew in 1998, when the codfather began using it as a replacement curse word out of respect for his staunch Christian friend.
I shwear to flupping cod I'm gonna beat the flup out whoever did this...
by ThyCodFather September 22, 2010
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To attach ones pubic hair to anothers eyelashes while ejaculating in the second party's nose
by BigFlupper November 20, 2010
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