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A fellow black person that doesn't know how to complete a sentence or a thought in a coherent manner
Leroy: Yo, Tyrone, its been a minute since I seen you, what's good with you dawg?

Tyrone: Yeah, see they don't think it be like it is but it do 'specially cuz that is when the popo comes down wit dat one shit wif yahs...(trails off with eyeballs rolling back into his skull like he's actually attempting to use his vision to search his dilapidated frontal lobe for the words to use to complete his sentence.)

Leroy: Damn Tyrone! Put down the crackpipe and try that one more again.

Tyrone: uh huh well that's what I sayin', when they always rest with no more work for last weekend with my change and that always seemts to take it when really just finna go hahahahahaha

Leroy: Fuckin' Tyrone, there ain't no saving you, you flugga ass nigga. Get yourself some fucking help 'cause can't nobody understand a fuckin thing you say.
by StankLegJimbo September 09, 2015
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