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A very hairy (and ALWAYS slippery) vagina, belonging to a surprisingly cute girl.

Fluffy - The hair
Magoo - The cute little girl who has this unfortunate lady part
Guy #1 - Yo bro, that Katie girl looks really cute.
Guy #2 - No buddy, she's a definite Fluffy Magoo.

Guy #1 - Are you serious, man?
Guy #2 - Yeah, unfortunate isn't it?
by bootybootybootay March 02, 2011
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A vag, or a nickname for a wonderfully beautiful girlfriend. Usually by the name of Katie. Fluffy Magoo's are caring and sweet. As well as very cute! But if it's a vagina, it is gross and blue. Like a waffle with spit all over it, occasionally covered in raisins, making it look very rancid. The stench from which a fluffy magoo produces, is a foul scent which can be smelled anywhere in the world.
One guy - Wow! I smell a fluffy magoo.

Second guy - Matt's girlfriend?

The first guy - No, bro. LIKE A VAG.
by bootybootybootay February 27, 2011
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