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Flowstianity is the worship, praise, and belief of the multiple Flow Gods, and all that is bro and chill. Flowstianity was first started by a true laxbro, Flowhommad Albroseph. Flowhommad was laxing one day in the game of his life, but he lost because he and his team mates had not practiced enough. They seeked refuge in caves where they played wall ball for hours. Upon reaching true laxbro status, they were contacted by the almighty Flow Gods. The two dominant of the Gods, Flowseidon and Broseidon, teached them the ways of broship. The Gods told them to be true bros, they had to grow out their hair to longer lengths than normal. The hair would allow them to possess flow, the key element to any laxbro's skill. After Flowhommad Albroseph and his team achieved flow, and true lax bro abilities, they devoted their lives to worshipping the Flow Gods, and all of their laxbro greatness.
Player 1: What religion are you?
Player 2: I am a Laxbro obviously.
Player 1: So that would be...?
Player 2: Flowstianity of course!
by Flohommad AlBroseph January 04, 2012
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