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Basically what it implies: a crown made of flowers (real or fake). There are many different types and are very aesthetic. Many girls who wear them are assumed to be basic or hipster, but sometimes this is not the case. Flower crowns are amazing and lovely to wear. Don't let anybody insult you just because you enjoy wearing them, because they are wonderful and so are you.
Person 1: Omg I love your flower crown!
Person 2: Thanks! It goes really well with my outfit.
by mystical bean September 05, 2018
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Something a basic bitch wears or simply uses a filter to make it look like she's wearing it.
The most hateful brats on the internet usually have a flower crown filter.
by spootyhead November 09, 2016
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Many years ago girls wore flower crowns and flowers on them to mask their stank and make them smell better because the poor didn't have bathing water and wouldn't wash themselves for months

Now girls who are hippies, mainstream, or in sororities use them as accessories.
That girl with the flower crown must be in a sorority or a hippie. It looks like a garden on her head.
by KWil July 28, 2014
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