To be flowchart means to follow a beaten/overly used path already while lacking ambition to create your own. This can also mean that you're a very basic, unoriginal person.
"You're living a flowchart lifestyle," meaning you're either not being creative and finding your own, or more commonly that you're only doing stuff that is easy.
by Not A Flowchart Derp August 26, 2015
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An office tool, made by connecting shapes with arrows. Each path on the flowchart is a different decision made by the person using it. People often use flowcharts to make jokes about decisions made by specific people, or groups of people. They are hard to use in actual situations, so they are vastly underused.
"Dude, have you seen that flowchart that tells you what you want to watch on youtube?"
"Yeah, I ended up watching dominoes for three hours."
by RojinBlaze July 2, 2014
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Speaker1: How long was your flowchart?
Speaker2:Who said I'm done!
by AguynamedStan April 10, 2016
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A singular phrase used to describe the strategy of 90% of Ken players in Street Fighter IV (and arguably most SF games).

The humor stems from the flowchart constantly pointing to a FP (flaming) Shoryuken attack to resolve all decision trees.

The phrase comes from a flowchart graphic posted on a capcom-unity blog.

While not always true, you do stand to encounter a disproportionate amount of Flowchart Kens in beginner online play.
Yet another flowchart ken... when will the madness stop?
by SF4wibz June 1, 2009
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