Floper:someone who drives an auto while wearing shower shoes/Fip flops;
She ran over and killed three seventy year senior's. While trying to retreive her Flip Flop. Which was lodge beneath, the accelerator. All because of a Floper.
by The cameleon August 11, 2011
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A dick so small it doesn't hang
Bro yo dick so small it's a no floper ur hung like a dung beetle
by Julian pepper July 16, 2016
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when you just cum and yo shit limp as fuuuuck but you still feeling good and want more but your girl sayin hell nah so you just tryina give away some slopy toppyand ima be takin real slopy shit its wet like water slide
the flip floper shlip shloper gonna get yoou
by jujun on tnhat5b by April 13, 2021
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A mid level manager that is held responsible for their leaderships bad decisions.
They are looking for a new Floperations director to roll out Tims new cost savings, They Just had to "part ways" with the old one, Tom.
by Go AWAY!!! May 14, 2019
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1) When a planned major event fails badly.

2) When the police serve a search warrant... for large amounts of drugs and money.. and come up with nothing.

3) when a conglomerate or monopoly conspires to generate enormous amounts of income while taking advantage of the disadvantaged....
1) The college football playoffs were a floperation due to heavy rains in CA.

2) Lori’s big search warrant was a floperation.

3) The mortgage industry conspired to create a floperation.
by Rollletta February 28, 2019
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