Word that describes your life when its falling apart
Ex: : "hey your whole family died in a car crash and you failed your finals, how are you feeling?"

"Oh its okay I am just in my flop era"
by Butter'my_bistits December 21, 2021
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the era when we used Floppy disk to story information.

Floppy disk, the ancestors of usb keys
Bob: remember when we used to find video games cd's in cereal boxes?

Andrew: Yo, that Flop Era was dope as fuck
by brkfastcereals February 21, 2022
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When a Twitter mutual of yours isn't getting mich interaction on their tweets. Or like, when someone in the entertainment industry is becoming irrelevant.
Oomf is in her flop era! 😔
Witness tanked, Katy Perry is in her flop era.
by Ana L. Beads October 9, 2020
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when something goes badly or is unslay
Person 1: “how was your week?”
Person 2: “i’ve been in my flop era”
Person 1: “ugh that is so unslay
by LilNaniK May 7, 2022
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When a person has no likes on tiktok so just starts posting memes and putting text over it in hopes of going viral.
person: Im in my flop era! i need more likes
*post something stupid*
by zoesfireplace is the best!! December 5, 2021
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When you're becoming irrelevant so you say " omg its my flop era pls give me likes".
"why are my videos getting 0 views... Oh no.... its my flop era
by eminemstan1000 February 20, 2022
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An era when everyone stans the Harry Potter movies and dreams about having a relationship with one of the main characters
bitch, don't remind me of flop era 2
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