An exclamatory remark used to express an idividual's general feeling of depression,apathy, and pointlessness about their present situation in life.
Martha: I just feel like I'm in a rut at work. I haven't had a promotion in fifteen years... I've plateaued!

Chad: Gee, I know the feeling- we're just flippin' burgers Martha!
by brigadoon November 10, 2008
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To lie about something. A term mostly used by hockey players.
Mark was flippin burgers when he said he got a natural hat trick yesterday.
by hockeyplayer1234321567 September 16, 2011
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The term for one associated with a man boy love gang turns his gun onto the side or "flips them burgers" and begins to "bust a cap"
That Crip across the street went all crazy and got all up in my face flippin burgers.
by BigBearBPFB October 19, 2010
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Any type of technology work that has the illusion of being rewarding and interesting, but is actually mundane, mindless, and tedious -- the service sector job of the future.
Todd thought he was hot-shit when he landed that job at job at Apple, but they've got his ass stuck in a cubicle flippin' digital burgers all day.
by exesforeyes October 8, 2007
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flippin burgers is a state of agression,when some person becomes inraged or is very angery and acts out with alot of foul language..
"Man joe was about to lay that guy out man,you should have seen him.He was flippin / flipping burgers man"
by mario cheeseman July 17, 2008
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