To do the unexpected. To deviate from the norm.
I flipped the script on that bitch when I told her I was leavin her stank ass.
by Jeff Killeen June 27, 2003
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to gain control in a dialogue that is being dominated by another person so that you are now in charge.

could be used for any situation involving only 2 people.
Eddie turned out to be a dominating ***hole, then Shanon flipped the sript now he stays home everyday and cries like a baby.
by i don't have a name August 24, 2005
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Any situation where one or more parties has spontaniously changed their mind or manner, deviating from an understood "persona" or public image or personality. Essencially being hypocritical, two-faced, or sanctimonious.
"She loved me yesterday but today she hats me......Why does she always flip the script on me???"

"You should work 1-2 days a week, thats fine its your schedual, thats a perk of this job."
Then saying.......
"You are only ever on 3 days a week, you have to book on five days a week. Your like never here."
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To extend your middle finger at the inane dialogue the scriptwriter would have you saying, especially if you are Jack Nicholson.
When I saw my lines for the next scene, I flipped the script.
-- Jack Nicholson
by MoJo Mojowitz August 29, 2005
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When two individuals have certain roles in a relationship, and once separated for a while, become more like the other person than who they used to be.
He was such a drunk addict always wanting to party, telling me I didn’t need to worry about book smarts because I needed to gain street smarts. Then he went to jail and I got drunk and partied, whiled he studied books in his cell. Now that he’s out I’m addicted and he’s telling me all he learned from his books, and about getting high on life. Why did we flip the script?
by etslutwhoe July 19, 2010
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Podcast in the format of a Round table discussion between 6 or so individuals about anime, music, film, video games and much more.
by Slim_Cognito April 6, 2009
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For someone to be completely cool one minute then do a 180 and "flip the script" and go absolutely crazy on you.
When I told her I was going out tonight she flipped the script and cursed me out!
by FoxRox January 20, 2015
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