A Fling-Ding is a word used in replacement of any other word. The origins of the word Fling-Ding stem from references to one's belly-button, their navel. However, the word as come to be used to describe just about anything lacking a description, or an appropriate name. Especially if one cannot recall the name of something in specific.
I just got a sweet piercing on my Fling-Ding!!!

OMG, does anyone know where I put my, my umm, ugh i cant remember what its called. Where is that Fling-Ding?!?!
by skwirl_lovr April 15, 2011
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Fling ding is another term for a flonky, or a person who is seen as irrelevant or unpopular with his/her class or social group, commonly said in southern Louisiana.
Man don't worry about what Mike said about you, that kid a fling ding anyways.
by 504bigdawg October 28, 2017
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