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Flirty-Sas-Adj. It's an aggressive flirt. To take the day off, to say fuck peer pressure, having a margarita for breakfast. Why not? When you feel like you should eat a salad but say fuck it, i'm getting loaded baked potatoes on rye, buttered rye with fucking vanilla drippled mainly manly testosterone driven vanilla dipped but basically, any kind of DAMN drippled or dusted of dripped flavored crust on my fucking rye kind of day.
Lizzith the strong armed... need I say more. Oh, and my mom has 3 pairs of leather pants... literally.. three. oh.. ok.
I was downtown at the bakery and i wanted a hot dog but i said oh no i need to get something light so i said oh bitch i want a salad ( i was feeling flassy)
by tegjoo April 15, 2011
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An Adjective to describe someone who is both fly and classy
Derek and Nick were looking flassy last night at Brigit's party
by Derek Beaupre February 02, 2008
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One who makes you go flacid.
As we went to bed (craig n tiffany) craig was hard but then tiffany came closer n he didn't have enough to drink; which involved him going flacid which makes her a flassy
by craigory July 01, 2005
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