The rhythmic calming actions used by hipsters when their favourite coffee shop closes unexpectedly.
Costa had closed for renovation. That sent the hipsters into a flurry of flappuccinos.
When you ride your girl bareback, fill her up with cum and she queefs bubbling your frothy cum out of her cunt flaps
I love to fuck but my bitch wants me to drink her flappuccino
by Sexocographer July 29, 2017
A Starbucks induced queef.
My girlfriend had a cappuccino and then she had a flappuccino burst my eardrum when I went down on her.
by Candy Apple June 14, 2008
Flappuccino, a girl's version of the tea bag.
“Joe tea bagged Maddie yesterday and she’s planning on getting revenge by giving him a flappuccino. But that’s what he wants.”
by Mexican Tony June 16, 2022
“Nate tea bagged Julie yesterday while she was sleeping, tonight she’s gonna get revenge and flappuccino him.”

Have a flappuccino before you eat your hot lunch.
by Mexican Tony June 16, 2022