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a man that likes to wear hats and sing raps, but you don't really want to buy his mixtape made with one out of two of his wives named Laquisha. his other wife is an emo queen with a tendency to kill animals for fun.
Peep my mixtape fam

Means stuff Flabio would say
by Peep my mixtape fan September 05, 2016
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A young 6'0 skinny guy who likes to smoke hella weed, be with his friends all day and never sleeps. flabio is the type of guy who shows no emotion but has a big heart. flabio can be found either at the movies with his girlfriend or at some hoe house. there is no in between.
person 1: have you seen flabio?

person 2: yeah, he's been sleeping for a whole week!
by thuggaxo September 10, 2019
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An out of shape man with long hair. Sometimes Flabios will actually go shirtless and showcase their sub par physique. They aim to be like Fabio, who is also pretty lame, but they are far worse.
Hey, get a load of the Flabio on the beach!
by shane ivory February 03, 2010
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a fat, dwarf like character that likes to ski and play drums
that joe holts a right flabio
by baggy man March 30, 2005
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