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A small white sea-dwelling creature that lives near the "fjords" of Norway. One of Norway`s first kings (Harald Hårfagre) loved Fiskeboller so much that he decreed them to be the Norwegians national dish. Fiskeboller are hunted by placing small cylindrical traps bated with "kraft" at the sea bottom. Fiskeboller does not move fast so there can be up to 20 of them in one trap when it shuts. The traps are then gathered, labeled and placed directly in the store shelves at "Rimi" to ensure total freshness. Fiskeboller are shy creatures so they are rarely seen outside of these traps. The Fiskebolle has a less popular "cousin" called Fiskepinne.
My Fiskebolle is so fresh it wiggled of my plate today
by Professor of goatcheese. January 12, 2011
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