Old teacher that bounces on her chair and makes a fishy smell during class
During class my teacher was brewing fishsticks
by Pablo69 March 18, 2022
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Fortnite skin
The ugliest skin of them all.
My wife said “ I pounded fishstick into next week.”
by Ppbolt May 14, 2019
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A gross concoction consisting fish sticks, bread, mustard, pickles, nacho cheese, and fruit roll ups.
"When you want to throw up for no reason, think of a fishstick sandwich burrito
by Cod90Gamer February 25, 2015
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An alternative to "fuck", commonly used to replace "fuck" in WTF.
"What the flying fishstick" is still abbreviated as "WTF" rather than "WTFF".
Nivad:"I only got 28 out of 30 marks for my Math test, what the flying fishstick?!?!"
by mid or meepo April 26, 2017
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After anal sex, tartar sauce is applied to the penis before oral sex is performed on the tartar sauce covered penis.
Hey Bill... you have any tartar sauce? I'm out and the wife really wants a dirty fishstick.
by Co-op Coop March 25, 2018
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