A lot of guys do pussy/stupid shit when they're whipped on their first ever girlfriend. This is the excuse they can use when their buddies rag on them for it.
Example A)

Guy 1: Remember when you went to Stacey's house in the middle of the night to hang out with her, but she was asleep, and you waited outside til morning? That was some creepy shit, dude!

Guy 2: Yeah...First Girlfriend though.

Guy 1: True, I guess it's ok then.

Example B)

Guy 3: Didn't you tell Bec you loved her after 1 day?

Guy 4: Yeah, but First Girlfriend.

Guy 3: Fair enough.
by Ddizzz August 7, 2010
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when a guy loses all contact with his friends to spend time with his first girlfriend, which will inevitably end with him dumped and without friends
"hey man when was the last time you saw tom?"

"months ago, he has really bad first girlfriend syndrome"
by kvn23 April 21, 2010
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First girlfriend confidence boost or FGCB is a condition that occurs when someone who is socially awkward and has no history with women finally gets a girlfriend. They person will begin to think they are cool, even if there girlfriend is unattractive and they will think they are "the man" because their penis gets touched for the first time, failing to realize that everyone's has by now. They may try to act like a tough guy because they are taller than their girlfriend when in reality she is most likely just really short. The only cure for FGCB is a breakup which will destroy this newly found ego.
Jake kept talking about how much action he's getting, then tried to fight me, I think he's got a case of the First Girlfriend Confidence Boost.
by The Hershey Factory May 14, 2012
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